Tipsy Angel Fruit Cake

I have always wanted to love Angel Food Cake. I mean- its basically fat free! Not saying its completely guilt free- It still has sugar obviously, but hey if you going to eat a cake, its a good one to eat! My friends typically request birthday cakes from me on a yearly basis and this year my friend requested a guilt free fruit cake. My friend lives about two hours from me so I had to work with stuff I could bring to her apartment and make there.

After enough thought I went to the grocery store and got the fruit that was in season, kiwi, strawberries, and peaches. I went to the baking isle to look for candles and saw a box of Angel Food Cake. Inspiration hit and I grabbed two boxes. I ran to the frozen food isle and picked up two containers of cool whip. I’ve always been a big fan of Cool Whip. Love the stuff. Will eat it straight out of the carton.

I have infused alcohol in quite a few recipes and this seemed like the perfect time. I had a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream at home which I knew would be perfect with this recipe. And you guys. Flavored and fun whipped creams are no joke. So tasty. So easy. And so fun to eat. I mean, forget about putting it on something. Just use your finger or a spoon. I think half of my whipped cream gets eaten that way.

Tipsy Angel Fruit Cake

  • Servings: One Cake
  • Difficulty: easy
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Baileys Irish Cream Infused Whipped Cream Fruit Cake.


2 Boxes Angel Food Cake
6-7 Kiwis
1 Container Strawberries
2 Cans Peaches ( You can use fresh peaches, but I prefer the ones in the syrup)
2 Containers Cool Whip
1/4 Cup Bailey’s Irish Cream


1.) Make Angel Food Cake according to box directions using 9″ round pans and set aside to cool.**Note: you can use one box and cut each of the cakes in half, but I prefer the full thick cake.

2.) While the cakes are cooling make the whipped cream. Put the Cool whip in a bowl with the Bailey’s Irish Cream. Amount is based on personal preference. You can add more or put less depending on what potency you enjoy.

3.) Assemble the first layer. First with the cake then whipped cream and top with the fruit. I did kiwi first.

Angel Food Cake Layer 1

4.) Assemble the second layer. First with the cake then whipped cream and top with the fruit. I did strawberries next.

Angel Food Cake Layer 2

5.) Assemble the third layer. First with the cake then whipped cream and top with the fruit. I did peaches next.

Angel Food Cake Layer 3

6.) Assemble the fourth and final layer. First with the cake then whipped cream and spread it evenly on the sides. Then top with the fruit. I did all the fruits on top to create a design on the cake.

 Angel Food Cake

***Note: This recipie can be done with two or more layers with any fruit of your choice.