About The Surviving Mom

I spend most of my days as a full time working manager and parenting my beautiful sassy threenager daughter. I created this blog because I wanted to pursue my passion for writing and sharing my recipes and parenting experiences with the world.

I am a 31-year old wife and mother of one smart and sassy three year old girl. As a toddler I suffered years of verbal, sexual, emotional, and physical child abuse. My single mother moved me from home to home leaving me with countless men and for me to fend myself. At three, almost four years old, I was found by a passer by walking down my old dirt road to my grandmothers house all alone wearing over sized boys clothes and no shoes. A few years of social services intervention, custody battles, and psychiatric evaluations lead to a diagnosis of C-PTSD, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). My past haunted me for years and it affected my home life and even lead to a domestically violent relationship where I almost lost my life.

I have learned so much from my journey thus far and hope that by sharing my experiences and my day to day struggles with my mental illnesses and surviving domestic violence, I hope that I  can help other women who may be wondering if they’ll ever be able to make their dreams of a normal functioning family a reality. You can – I am living proof that it is possible. I take medication and have regular appointments with my psychiatrist, because these are my responsibilities to myself and my family. My incredible support system helps me to live fully and I attribute a great deal of my success to their encouragement over the last few years.

This blog is my way of sharing my favorite recipes, my life experiences, recording my progress, of keeping myself accountable and healthy for me and my family. My goal is to eventually publish a memoir, and I am taking steps towards becoming a more polished writer and a self proclaimed food connoisseur.

Along the way on this writing journey I hope to help fight stigma and inspire other young people who are struggling with the same feelings, fears, and insecurities I was at one point. I hope to inspire mothers and remind everyone that is going through a hard time that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to keep fighting hard to get there.